My Values



Growing up on a small farm in rural Kentucky, I know that it takes more than hard work to be successful – it takes access to opportunities. Like the opportunity to attend a quality public school, the opportunity to access affordable healthcare, and the opportunity at a young age to obtain a good job that didn’t require multiple degrees.  Today many people don’t have these opportunities. My campaign is about restoring opportunity to Tennesseans of all ages and backgrounds, and it’s what I will work toward everyday as your State Representative.



Right now our legislature is suffering from a lack of ability to listen to one another. It seems like even folks who should be on the same side can’t come together to solve our problems. I believe that the cure for this issue is listening and collaborating. As a small business owner, I know that if I don’t listen to our staff and our customers, the business will fail. As an attorney, I have helped many clients buy and sell businesses and real estate, transactions that require listening -- to both sides -- and finding common ground. As your State Representative, I will listen to the issues that are important to you and then work to bring other legislators together to solve our biggest challenges.


Bold Leadership

I’m in this race because our legislature is not working, and someone has to step up to try to fix it. Like when I invested in a small business during the largest economic downturn in decades, and brought it from the brink of closure to a full-blown success. That’s the kind of leadership needed to take on those intent only on making headlines and dividing us and refocus our legislature on serving all Tennesseans. It will be tough, but I’m ready for the challenge.


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